What to Do Once Lucid

What to Do Once You’re Lucid

Whether you’re aware that you’re dreaming, or you’ve just started having an OBE, what do you want to do now? This depends wholly on you!

Most people will go through a phase of doing things you can’t or shouldn’t do during your waking life, whether it’s flying, having sex, walking through walls, etc. It’s exciting to be able to do things you can’t do in waking life.

But before that, I recommend increasing your lucidity if you can. One way you can do that is by focusing on something in your environment, whether it’s detail of the ground or things around you. You can also rub your hands together. These things will increase lucidity as well as increase the clarity of your environment. They may also help you stay longer. As we all know how hard it is to stay lucid and not end up back in your body wide awake.

Once you’ve increased your lucidity, it’s helpful to have a task, so that you can stay lucid, so that you don’t wake up.

One of my favorite tasks is to speak to my dream characters to learn more about myself as well as the universe. You can learn anything! How to heal yourself, how to learn anything, how to understand the workings of the universe. There’s no question you can’t ask! The trick however, is that the answers may not always be clear. There may be some interpretation necessary.

Other things you can do are:

1. Visit family or friends and see what they’re doing. 

2. Visit astral schools or other location.

3. Visit those who have passed, whether family, friends, or pets.

4. Speak to guides or your Higher Self.

5. Read the Akashic Records.

6. Visit past lives.

7. Work through emotional or psychological issues to assist any therapy you may be doing.

8. Explore the Universe at large!

The ideas are limitless. You’re only limited by your own imagination.