How to Astral Project

My OBE Technique

This is the technique I generally use when I’m wanting to Astral Project. There are as many ways to Astral Project as there are people. What works for me, may or may not work for you. However, I’ve found that this method is quite effective for many people. Try it and see what you think. Be diligent about trying consistently. Your perseverance will pay off.

Ok so the first thing you want to do is find a quiet place where you can eliminate all sensations and stimulus. I generally do this at bedtime in the dark. I also wear ear plugs and I keep my room at a comfortable temperature where the air around me isn’t noticeably different than my own temperature. I’m not too hot nor too cold. I’m particularly sensitive to everything, so it really helps me to eliminate all my senses as best I can. I also use very soft blankets, and cover myself partially.

Once I’m comfortable, I begin progressive relaxation from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. Allowing each body part to melt as if to blend into the environment around it. So that eventually when you are completely relaxed, you can no longer tell the difference between your own body and the area around it. You will feel expansive. You will also be quite relaxed and in a mild meditative state. You may even feel the vibratory state at this point. Once you feel this expansion of consciousness where your body is undefined, you can begin trying to exit your body.

For exiting my body, I generally find it’s easier to roll or flip backwards out of my body. Thought I’ve tried many ways, I find its most successful especially when I have a hard time getting out. Sometimes rolling to my side works too. Or roll forward. What you want to do it start rocking in that direction mentally, as if you’re imagining yourself flipping or rocking out repeatedly. You will begin to feel a schism where you can feel yourself having a hard time catching up with your movement, like you’re out of sync. Keep doing what you’re doing until you have a hard time orienting yourself. At that point you should be able to rock or flip out with a good jolt.

If when you're trying this, you feel too inclined to move your physical body, you’re still too alert. Go back to the progressive relaxation until you can no longer feel your body’s clear boundaries and try again.

Have fun with it! And surrender to the experience. You’re safe and all is well. 

Other Techniques for Pulling Yourself Out of Body


This method was formulated by Robert Bruce and it entails using an imaginary rope hanging from your ceiling. Try to reach out using your imaginary hands and pull yourself up the imaginary rope. You may feel slight dizziness or tingling as you do this, eventually leading to you pulling yourself out of your body. 


Going from a lucid dream to an OBE is easy since you're already out of your body. All it is, is a matter of intention and clarity. Just choose to turn it into an OBE. 


Lie down on your back in bed, relax your body, and clear your mind of thoughts. You should tell yourself that in the act of sleeping you will watch yourself. You are going to sleep with your mind alert as your  body falls asleep. Consciousness should be retained even when the body is going into complete trance. When relaxed completely, a rather strange, distinctive sensation will be felt as the body moves into sleep state. The body will feel heavy and numb, and you may even notice sleep paralysis. 


In this technique, close your eyes and enter into a trance state. Feel your awareness expand around you. Sense the room and what is going on all around. Then try to feel your astral body as being rotated, with your head by your feet and vice versa. Do this several times, so that eventually you have trouble distinguishing which direction you're facing. The goal is to forget where you really are and lose your sense of direction. Imagine yourself floating and rising towards the roof, visualizing it as real as possible. You will eventually find yourself out of the physical body.


This method is also used for helping to have lucid dreams. But you can also use it to have an OBE. Once you're lucid that you're having a false-awakening, you can choose to turn it into an OBE.